Handbalancing Is FUN! (Mar, 1945)

Handbalancing Is FUN!

Enjoy the thrills of handbalancing. Walk on your hands. Learn this fascinating, muscle-building sport at home with my simple, inexpensive. Step-by-Step method. Mail penny card today for full information.
POWER, 923 W. Vine, Kalamazoo 44, Michigan

  1. Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. says: May 5, 200810:58 pm

    You can still enjoy the excitement of hand-balancing here at the Lost Art of Hand Balancing Blog.

  2. fluffy says: May 6, 20089:55 am

    Step 1: Put your hands on the ground
    Step 2: Put your feet in the air
    Step 3: Stay upright

  3. Slim says: May 6, 200812:55 pm


    Awww. You gave it away.

  4. Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. says: May 7, 20082:33 pm

    Step 4: Fall flat on your face.

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