Handy Nail-Polish Guards (Apr, 1940)

Handy Nail-Polish Guards
Polish newly applied to finger nails may be protected from accidental smearing as it dries with novel ventilated finger-nail guards just introduced for beauty-shop and home use. Made of springy metal, the guards are slipped on over the ends of the fingers, as shown in the photograph above, and are held in place by elastic bands.

  1. Stannous says: October 13, 20075:28 pm


  2. Firebrand38 says: October 15, 20074:59 am

    Yeah, handy. According to the American Heritage Dictionary (may I suggest #3 below):

    1.Skillful in using one’s hands; manually adroit. See dexterous.

    2. Readily accessible: found a handy spot for the hammer.

    3. Useful; convenient: a handy tool.

    4. Easy to use or handle: a handy reference book.

  3. Anna says: October 15, 200810:23 am

    Where can I purchase these and what’s the price?



  4. WJMuir says: December 26, 20081:04 am

    I want these too.

  5. Amanda says: March 13, 201012:44 pm
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