Handy Wristholder for Pencil (Sep, 1931)

Handy Wristholder for Pencil

FOUNTAIN pens and pencils are made quickly and easily accessible by the use of a new wrist pencil and pen holder now on the market.

  1. Mike says: July 22, 20102:09 pm

    This might have taken off but the pencil/pen holder behind the ear was cheaper and available to more people.

  2. Toronto says: July 22, 20108:08 pm

    But wouldn’t that interfere with the cigarette stashed there?

  3. joeyjoe says: July 23, 20104:41 am

    The company had real success only when they attached a small clock to it

  4. Mike says: July 23, 20108:41 pm

    Toronto, that is what the hole in the ear is for.

  5. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: July 24, 20103:41 pm

    Was that “clock” with or w/o the ‘L’?

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