Hangover Heaven (Apr, 1947)

Madness I tell you, pure madness.

Hangover Heaven is the apt name of the unusual bonnet at right. Originally developed by makeup man Max Factor for the benefit of actresses who wish to refresh their faces on hot studio sets without spoiling their makeup, the facial ice pack was quickly diverted to another purpose by festive Hollywoodians. The headpiece, adorned with water-filled plastic cubes, is kept in the refrigerator while the water freezes.

  1. John M. Hanna says: January 5, 20093:45 am

    Thats the weirdest Mexican wrestler I’ve ever seen!

  2. MrG says: January 5, 20095:21 pm

    Extreme, yes, but Nike sells vests made up of quilted packets of “blue ice” that an athlete can
    freeze and use for practice in hot climates. Out of bounds for competition, though. Cheers — MrG

  3. rsterling78 says: January 6, 20091:24 am

    Originally slated to be in the Hellraiser movie series, Icehead just didn’t make the cut.

  4. StanFlouride says: January 6, 20093:14 am

    Nah, That’s Ben Grimm’s mom!

  5. StainFlouride says: January 20, 20091:26 am


    It’s your mom!

  6. CisRainbow says: January 21, 20099:09 pm

    Judy Garland!

  7. Andy Chiu says: June 3, 20091:50 am

    I want to use this photo, do I need to get permission from the copyright owner?

  8. dejackso says: March 11, 20109:54 am

    Ok but imagine all that melted ice water running down your body. What kind of towel do they sell with it to sop it up?

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