Harem Jamas (Nov, 1959)

Because as we all know, the Near East, is renowned for sexy revealing clothing.

Harem Jamas


Here is the nite time garment inspired by the fashions of the palaces of the near East, where often hundreds of women compete to attract one man.


Just notice how the soft lace of the top caresses her bare shoulders, softly encloses to conceal yet reveal. Then watch how the harem pants fall in sheer curves and folds from the hips to the ankles, teasingly caressing the thighs with each little movement, ever revealing startling new aspects of charms. Made of nylon in sheer bewitching black or daring, fiery, filmy red. Only $6.95. Shipped In plain wrapper. State bust and waist size. Send no money. Order C.O.D. and pay postman on delivery plus postage. Save by sending payment. We pay postage.

Smoothee Co., Dept. PH-87, Lynbrook. N.Y.

  1. Toronto says: March 15, 20126:14 pm

    “In plain wrapper.” Does Victoria’s Secret offer that service today?

    BTW, this reminds me of Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Jeanie”. Not that that’s a bad thing – I mean hey! the guys were all astronauts! How cool was that?

  2. Toronto says: March 15, 20126:15 pm

    VERY cool cover, btw. Hey, Charlie, is the paper copy for sale?

  3. Charlie says: March 15, 20129:08 pm

    Toronto: You’d have to check on ebay. I’m actually working on a widget to automatically look and provide links to buy them if someone is selling.

  4. Charlene says: March 15, 20129:42 pm

    The ad is referring to the fabled harem of the sultan of the Ottoman Empire, where (as Western legend has it) hundreds of surpassingly beautiful “odalisques” lounged around in various states of luxurious undress as they waited for the sultan to choose them.

    In reality the sultan was often either alcoholic, impotent, underage, elderly, or gay, and the concubines were there mainly for status. Also most of the inhabitants of the harem weren’t concubines but relatives of the sultan – sisters, aunts, great-aunts, etc. – and the “odalisques” were actually slaves owned by the concubines, and were usually chosen from the ugliest (and therefore cheapest) women at the slave market.

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