Harvesting Fish from the Ocean (Oct, 1921)

Of course Mr. Roe writes the fishing articles…

Harvesting Fish from the Ocean


A SHIP equipped with machinery for harvesting fish from the ocean has been launched at Lybeck, on the St. Johns River, Florida.

The boat is built upon long pontoons. It now remains to finish the installing of the electrical machinery ami the boat will be able to sally forth down the St. Johns River to the open ocean, there to prove or disprove the theory and dreams of the inventor of perfecting a craft that will catch, clean, cure and make ready for the market, fish in a wholesale fashion.

The way the fish are to be caught is the most interesting phase of the inventor’s scheme. The forward end of the boat is equipped with “a large scoop-net of metal, always open, easily adjusted to various depths, so that the boat’s propulsion pushes the net ahead of it.” As the fish are caught in the net, they are conveyed by endless belts, mechanically driven, from the net into the boat.

The boat itself is very completely ar- ranged for receiving, sorting and curing the fish. It is the intention of the company to utilize all the by-products incident to the industry, such as skins for leather, certain parts for fertilizers, cattle and hog feeds, and others for the making of oil and glue.

Since there are great schools of por- poise, a large ungainly fish, used principally for the making of fertilizer, playing in the ocean just off the Florida coast, it is very likely that the craft will bear down upon them first in making its initial experiment in harvesting fish from the ocean.

  1. Toronto says: August 13, 201212:14 pm

    He didn’t want to, Charlie, but his editor egged him on.

  2. Hirudinea says: August 13, 20122:19 pm

    Looks like a factory ship.

    @ Toronto – Hey Roe had to write the article, Cod, Fish and Finn were working on other jobs.

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