Have Fun With This Chariot-Type Tricycle Trailer (Dec, 1950)

Have Fun With This Chariot-Type Tricycle Trailer

Rolling along on semipneumatic wheels, this little trailer will double the enjoyment the youngsters get from their tricycles. The frame, rail and tongue are all bent from thin-wall conduit, either by using a standard pipe bender or by filling the conduit with sand, plugging the ends and then bending by hand. The trailer-hitch bolt engages a hole drilled in a piece of flat iron which is bolted to the tricycle-seat frame. The wheels are fastened with cotter pins or the axle is drilled and tapped for attaching them with roundheaded screws

  1. Stannous says: June 15, 200710:15 am

    Ever tried to turn on a trike? My elder aunt had one and if you didn’t slow WAY down in the corners you’d flip.
    This would multiply that likelyhood by fivefold I believe.

  2. jayessell says: June 15, 200710:20 am

    Faster! (schwack!)
    Faster! (schwack!)

  3. Charlie says: June 15, 200710:23 am

    Actually Simone just scanned a great one I’ll have to post. It has one kid riding a chariot with two kids in harnesses pulling it.

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