HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEW SOUND OF ACCURACY? It’s the hushed hum of ACCUTRON! (Oct, 1961)


It’s the hushed hum of ACCUTRON!

ACCUTRON-so revolutionary-so accurate, it’s the first timepiece in history that’s guaranteed 99.9977% accurate on your wrist!

Put your ear to the new Accutron and listen carefully. It doesn’t tick, it hums softly (in F sharp).

Why? The heart of Accutron is a tiny, electronically powered tuning fork! As it vibrates, it hums. As it hums, ii moves the hands—with a new accuracy no other watch in the world can match!

This revolutionary tuning fork replaces the delicate hairspring and balance wheel —the parts responsible for inaccuracy in all other watches, including electric watches. It’s the first basic advance in personal timekeeping in 300 years.

Accutron is far more rugged than con- ventional watches, too, because it has only 12 moving parts. It rarely, if ever, needs repair. Never needs winding. And, of course, it’s shock-resistant, waterproof,** anti-magnetic.

You’ll wear your Accutron timepiece with an extraordinary measure of pride—confident that you command the exact time, all the time. Only Accutron gives you this incomparable feeling of security. For Accutron is the world’s new standard of accuracy.

Give Accutron this Christmas (especially to yourself). It’s more than a gift —it’s a new way of life. See the many impressively styled models of Accutron at your jeweler now.

This tiny tuning fork is oscillated at the rate of 360 times a second by a germanium transistor, powered by a button-size power cell. It keeps Accutron 99.9977% accurate on your wrist.

The Accutron Guarantee of Accuracy Accutron is guaranteed by Bulova not to gain or lose more than one minute a month in actual daily use on your wrist. For one full year from date of purchase, the authorized jeweler from whom you purchased your Accutron timepiece will adjust it to this tolerance, if necessary, without charge.

See ACCUTRON by BULOVA at finer jewelers $150 to $2500*

Registered Trademark. ©1961 Bulova Watch Co. Inc.. New York. Toronto. Bienne, Milan. *Plus F.E.T. **Waterproof when case, crystal and crown are intact.

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