Have You Learned to Typewrite Yet? (Mar, 1922)

Have You Learned to Typewrite Yet?

Universal typing is here. People are abandoning the slow, tiring task of long-hand writing. How long are yon going to cling to it, in this world of advancement? Everybody dislikes to receive long-hand letters. And everyone shirks at correspondence when it has to be done the old-fashioned, tiring way. So join the progressive throng—get a typewriter NOW.

Free Trial

We ship the Oliver for five days’ free trial. Let it sell itself. Or send it back.

14 Months To Pay

Pay for this Oliver while you use it. Only $4 per month and you soon own it.

$49.50 or $100 ? Which would you rather pay for a standard typewriter?

For 25 years all standard typewriters have been priced at $100 or over and still are—except the Oliver.

It is the only standard typewriter selling at half. It is the only standard, $100 typewriter being marketed direct from the factory.

Were it not for this simplified selling plan, the price of the Oliver would also be $100 or over. For it is the same fine machine, the finest model we have ever built. Over 900,000 have been sold.

We simply sell the identical $100 Oliver direct from the factory, and subtract all the extravagances of complicated selling. We have found that it is needless to maintain a high army of salesmen and agents. We have found it unnecessary to sustain a costly chain of branch offices in over 50 cities.

The $50.50 you save is the sum that it would cost us to sell the Oliver the roundabout way. Plus a saving made because of the volume of business created by our plan.

Send No Money

We let the Oliver sell itself. We ship it to you for free trial. Then you can compare it with other standard typewriters at $100 or over.

You become your own salesman. You are the sole judge. No anxious solicitor will urge you. In the privacy of your own office or home you can decide for or against the Oliver.

If you want to own it, send us $49.50 cash. Or if you wish to pay for it in installments, send us $3 after the trial period, then $4 per month until $55 is paid.

You can readily appreciate that it takes a super-typewriter to sell itself.

No test could be severer. Remember, there need be no fluent salesman to urge you.

If you decide against the Oliver, ship it back at our expense. We even refund the outgoing transportation charges, so that you do not risk one cent in the test.

Now we ask you, would you rather pay $50.50 additional and not get a finer typewriter? Would you care to support a $100 price for the Oliver, and get nothing tangible in return?

Or don’t you agree that our new way of selling is logical ? Doesn’t it appeal to your common sense?

How to Save

The coupon below brings you EITHER a Free Trial Oliver or Further Information. Check which you desire.

This is all you have to do to save the $50.50. Without such a plan, you’d have to pay $100 or over.

But this way you not only save— you get the finest typewriter that can be built by a leading maker. It comes fresh from the factory, our latest and best model, a 25-year development.

Check the coupon now and mail it in.

Canadian Price, $79

The Oliver Typewriter Company

233 Oliver Typewriter Bldg., Chicago, Ill.

  1. Mary Robinette Kowal says: August 27, 200611:40 am

    Oh, how wonderful! I collect manual typewriters and my Oliver is th prize of my collection.

  2. […] Rob and I collect typewriters, and the Oliver, featured in this 1922 ad on Modern Mechanix is the prize of our collection. The visible action is beautiful and smooth. It’s so nice to see the original ad copy for it. […]

  3. […] In 1922, the state of the art in word processing might have been this Oliver typewriter. […]

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