Have Your Next Tooth Filled Electrically! (May, 1932)

Have Your Next Tooth Filled Electrically!

NEXT year when you go to a dentist to have a tooth filled he may connect the cavity up to a small dynamo and fill your tooth electrolytically with gold or silver, in the same way that metal articles are gold or silver-plated.

Dentists are working along these lines because the prevailing method of making gold inlays involves the use of wax impressions, which frequently are slightly inaccurate, leaving unfilled pockets in the tooth as a source of future trouble. Cavities would be coated with chemically pure graphite as an electric conductor, filled with an electrolytic liquid bearing a solution of a gold salt, and the current turned on to deposit a perfect filling in the tooth.

  1. Mike says: February 23, 20099:04 am

    The dentist looks like a typical villain of the time.

  2. Bob says: February 23, 200912:06 pm

    Didn’t I see him in “Little Shop of Horrors”?

  3. Eli says: February 23, 200912:16 pm

    Is it safe?

  4. slim says: February 23, 200912:36 pm

    Vincent Price?
    I wonder how this would work for upper teeth.

  5. John M. Hanna says: February 23, 20097:32 pm

    The only things missing from that dentist are a pair of horns and a goatee.

  6. Melvin says: May 5, 20097:10 am

    Dear Vincent
    I am a dentist and I can assure you that we hang our patients upside down with a big chain and hook, so we can “gravity feed” fillings into the upper teeth.
    ….and Eli, A large electrical discharge is delivered to the tooth sterilising the cavity (and the patient)….so yes it is safe for the dentist



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