He Brings Machines to Life (Oct, 1954)

If you like these drawings, there are a bunch of his illustrations here: Boris Artzybashef

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He Brings Machines to Life

THE transformation of harsh, cold machines into alert-looking, hard-working gremlins with faces, hands and feet is the unique achievement of cartoonist Boris Artzybasheff. His “living” mechanical monsters have created a sensation in the field of technical advertising.

It is not difficult to analyze the success of the animated machines. They convert a highly-specialized subject into one that everyone can understand and enjoy. This helps to sell a product and a company name. What more could an advertiser want?

  1. Toronto says: February 14, 201111:46 am

    What’s in that pipe he’s holding?

  2. woofer says: February 14, 20118:28 pm

    like Bosch

  3. Mitch says: February 15, 201110:15 am

    I’m going to go with “creepy” on these ones.

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