He Finds Music in Plumbing Tools (Sep, 1936)

He Finds Music in Plumbing Tools

THOSE tools that plumbers once left behind have been given new uses by “Red” Smith of Los Angeles. He has turned them into musical instruments.

Red was a professional crooner and saxaphone player. When work became slack in the movie studios and theaters he took up the creation and playing of unique musical instruments. And get work he did—as the musical plumber.

He plays all the plumbing tools. Yes, sir, actually plays them, for he fashioned all the tools into musical instruments. And, to keep his act in character, he wears coveralls and hauls his tools around in a bathtub.

To hear the strains of his musical blowtorch, suction pump or water faucet, is first to laugh, then marvel over his mechanical ingenuity and unique musical cleverness.

  1. PTC says: March 26, 20107:09 pm

    Awesome!He’s very creative.The combination of music and plumbing tools result in a famous instruments.We can’t imagine how they became a musical instrument but really fantastic on how he discovered it.

  2. Scott says: June 7, 201212:43 pm

    Who would have thought? A musical plumber.

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