He has two mothers … but still he’s lonesome (Oct, 1934)

Talk about times changing. The headline looks like it’s about the perils of gay marriage but it’s actually about the horrifying thing single and working parents today call daycare.

He has two mothers … but still he’s lonesome

Johnny Rogers has two mothers. He sees his real mother for only a few moments each evening — because she has to work all day.

His substitute mother is organized charity, which does the best it can for him during the day.

If Johnny’s father were alive, things would, of course, be different. But unfortunately he put off taking out life insurance; that is why Johnny’s mother cannot give the child her full time now.

You may think this just couldn’t happen to your child. Why not get the suggestions of an Equitable agent and make sure it won’t?

The Equitable agent is trained to recommend a plan to fit your requirements exactly. This is what is meant by The Equitable Case Method. The special conditions of your case are considered—the ages of your children, your income, whether or not you own your own home, and other vital factors.


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  1. Blurgle says: November 20, 20077:28 am

    So Johnny is lonesome because he gets to play all day long with other kids instead of sitting at home staring out the window while his mother does the housework?

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