He-man-size patio chess (Feb, 1965)

He-man-size patio chess

Latest in chess for outdoors is the giant set at right. Molded of Elastic, the pawns are 11 inches igh, the kings 21 inches. Each piece weighs about a pound, but they can be filled with sand if high wind is a problem. Kerrco, Inc., Lincoln, Nebr., suggests setting them on patio or recreation-area tiles alternating in color like a chessboard. The chess pieces come in gold and silver.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: October 3, 20077:08 pm

    Yeah, but what he-man actually plays chess?

  2. Sorcerer Mickey says: October 5, 20079:33 am

    “Why, us spinach-eating He-men what throws the pieces at each another, Olive!”

  3. Sorcerer Mickey says: October 5, 20079:36 am

    Or maybe Irish He-men, like Paddy O’Chesspiece?

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