Head Measurements Help To Identify Criminals (Jul, 1939)

Head Measurements Help To Identify Criminals

A device long used by hat stores, to measure the size and shape of a customer’s head, now helps police of Norwalk, Conn., to identify criminals. According to sponsors of the new method,who use it in conjunction with fingerprinting, no two men have heads of exactly the same shape. Therefore, the perforated contour patterns produced by the device will afford a check on a suspect’s identity, and may prove particularly valuable if he has attempted to alter his fingerprints by chemical or surgical means. Since he cannot change the contour of his skull, this would remain as a telltale clew to his identity.

  1. Stannous says: October 15, 200611:13 am

    Think they measured before or after they beat them with billy clubs?

  2. Mark says: March 29, 20094:31 pm

    What exactly would they compare the measurement to? Did criminals leave head prints back then?

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