Headline Hunter Preserves Old Newspaper Copies (Dec, 1937) (Dec, 1937)

What a silly hobby.

Headline Hunter Preserves Old Newspaper Copies

COLLECTING newspaper headlines of important events is the hobby of Montgomery Mulford of Buffalo, N. Y. Each headline selected is photographed and placed in an album for safekeeping. The upper photograph shows a copy of the Buffalo Express telling of the sinking of the Lusitania. Below is a photograph of the issue explaining the false armistice of November 8, 1918. Although keen disappointment was felt when the armistice report was found to be false, the nation had but a few days to wait before the actual armistice w&s signed.

Like postage stamps, old copies of newspapers many times become rare and achieve considerable value. Some copies of newspapers telling of world events are worth a fortune.

  1. Morgan says: October 15, 201012:57 pm

    According to the 1930 US Census, Montgomery Mulford was a newspaper reporter – no wonder if he found this particular hobby interesting! Montgomery Paul Mulford was born about 1905 in New York, the son of Dr. Henry Mulford. He died in Buffalo, NY in 1971.

  2. Ajay says: October 27, 20105:40 pm

    And now you are preserving the article that tells about preserving articles…

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