Health, Beauty Perfect Figure for Every Woman (Mar, 1922)

Health, Beauty Perfect Figure for Every Woman

MISS VERA ROEHM world famous Physical Culturist and Fascinating Stage Beauty who has completed the most effective woman’s course ever conceived.

You Can Become THE WOMAN You Have Always Wanted to Be With radiant health, rare poise and grace, and a perfect figure you will be more attractive than you ever dared hope. Men will admire you. Women will envy you. You. yourself, will feel like a different woman —a happier, prettier, more carefree one with that pleasing personality which always becomes part of such a woman.

Results Easily Attained

All the above can easily be secured thru my body beautifying and health producing course, the most effective condensed course ever gotten out for women. The exercises and other methods used by famous stage beauties, not only to retain their attractiveness. but to increase it, are now revealed for the first time.

In Your Own Room

My instructions may be taken in the privacy of your own room at the expenditure of only 10 or 15 minutes daily. You will quickly notice a wonderful improvement in your figure and a new grace to your movements which come with perfect health. Supreme bust development can be acquired.

“Womanly Charms”

is the title of my wonderful, copyrighted course. It is lavishly illustrated with beautifully posed pictures of myself (large size) and treats fully the following subjects: Proper Breathing. Advantages of Systematic Stretching. How to Acquire Perfect Waist Line. Overcome Rounded Shoulders and Weak Spine, How to Acquire Shapely Neck and Shoulders. How to Increase or Reduce Weight. Bust Beautifying. How to Secure Graceful Hips. Development of Thigh and Calf. Elimination of Nervousness. How to Acquire Poise. Splendid Stomach Exercises, Elimination of Constipation and Insomnia. How to Secure Proportionate Development, etc., etc. A better personalitv is assured you.

Two Dollars ($2.00) for Limited Time Only
The price is so extremely low, the scope of the course so wide and each subject covered so completely that every woman should order “Womanly Charms” at once. It is a duty you owe to your husband (if you are married), to your friends and most of all to yourself.

Of Especial Interest is the fact that anyone ordering this course can get my personal advice on any subject not covered in the book.

My Guarantee
If after examining “Womanly Charms” you are not completely satisfied, return it within 5 days and I will cheerfully refund your money. This is your opportunity to be* , come a happier, healthier and physically better woman. Accept it today by sending a money order. check or $2.00 in cash (registered letter) to

Suite 402-C 5
00 Fifth Ave., New York City
The publishers of this magazine will gladly assure any one of my absolute responsibility

British Agents
51 & 52 Chancery Lane, London, W. C.

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    And you can still find advertisements promising this sort of thing today.

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