Healthful Sleep on Ultra-Violet Ray Bed (Mar, 1932)

The new Melanomatron from Sealy Posturepedic.

Healthful Sleep on Ultra-Violet Ray Bed

YOU grow healthy while you slumber and arise in the morning fresh and full of vitamines, if you sleep away the night in a special bed which has recently been devised by scientists.

What does the job of keeping the body of the sleeper fit is a battery of ultra-violet lights which bathe the flesh, as illustrated in the artist’s drawing above. An opaque screen covers the bed, thus shutting out the view and providing the occupants with the utmost privacy.

With cities growing constantly larger and sunlight becoming more and more scarce, these ultra-violet beds may be called upon to furnish all health rays in the future.

  1. Hirudinea says: February 9, 20129:18 am

    Neat, a skin cancer greenhouse.

  2. Kosher Ham says: February 9, 20123:30 pm

    Well only if you sleep in the nude w/o blankets in that bed, a prospect rather unlikely in the 1930’s, even though the purpose of the screen was to facilitate such sleeping. Vitamin D supplements (my doctor prescribed this) are probably just as effective.

  3. Terry says: February 9, 20123:46 pm

    And, unless the light intensity is extremely feeble, I’d think she’d have a really nasty sunburn by morning.

  4. Jari says: February 9, 20125:02 pm

    Hmmmm…. UV-lamps -> Black lights. Combined with a phrase “providing the occupants with the utmost privacy.”. Doesn’t that equals as a bedroom disco?

  5. christoph says: February 9, 20125:28 pm

    Hmmnn, payama tan lines …

  6. Nomen Nescio says: February 10, 20127:33 am

    odd how things touted as so very healthful in one era turn out to cause cancer and misery and death a few decades later. radium, UV light, …

    by the time i’m old enough to get any benefits from my low-cholesterol, likely-to-get-diabetes diet, i’ll bet it’ll be found out i’ve been poisoning myself with it all along.

  7. Hirudinea says: February 10, 20123:51 pm

    @ Jari – So your saying they introduced this bed 40 years to early?

    @ Nomen Nesico – Yea, your right, thats why I eat nothing but deep fried butter and cotton candy.

  8. Jari says: February 10, 20126:11 pm

    @ Hirudinea – Definitely. Think of Fifth Element transferred in 30’s.

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