“heaps older but still hot!”

Ok, so here’s my question. Is this some weird new kind of spam, or are teenage school girls in Australia actually using my site as a chat room to get around a firewall?

  1. metkere says: June 12, 20081:44 am

    Nice girls.

  2. Adam C. says: June 12, 20083:56 am

    Never begrudge creativity.

  3. fluffy says: June 12, 20089:40 am

    The cynic in me says that they’re probably trying to whet your palette for whatever “hot nude webcam XXX” link they’re about to post.

  4. JMyint says: June 12, 20089:45 am

    I’m thinking that they are doing it from class and using it as a way around the internet restrictions at their school.

  5. Charlie says: June 12, 200810:03 am

    Oh yeah, I forgot that you guys don’t see where the messages are posted from. They are both coming from the same IP at http://www.tcc.wa.edu.a…
    That would be Thornlie Christian College in Perth Australia.

  6. stephen70edwards says: June 12, 200810:27 pm

    This looks like a way to circumvent a “parental” filter, and I imagine a Christian college would have one of the strongest around. Brovo to them for figuring out to stick it to the man so they can waste their time.

    …Like I’m doing now.

  7. Al Bear says: June 13, 20088:30 pm

    Ban all Australian IP numbers!!! 😉 But seriously, they admitted they use MSN UGH! *barf* that’s just nasty. So that makes 3 people who actually use MSN, these two and Bill G. 😛

  8. KHarn says: June 14, 20085:31 pm

    I’ve seen this on a lot of message boards. These idiots think that EVERYTHING is a chat room and they get pissed when you correct them.

  9. K!P says: June 17, 200812:48 am

    The school proberly prohibits MSN, and chatbox sites, but an information rich site as this seeps trough the firewall – “cue creative use”

  10. Cole says: July 18, 200811:06 am

    ..yea but they couldn’t actually use a forum which is less likely to be banned than a chatroom?!

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