Helicopter Flown Successfully (Sep, 1940)

Wow that’s a lot of deflection on those rotors in the top picture.
I think this is actually only the first U.S. helicopter.

Helicopter Flown Successfully

WHAT is claimed to be the first successfully controlled vertical flight in a heavier-than-air machine was made recently by Ivor Sikorsky, prominent aeronautical engineer, at Bridgeport, Conn., in his new helicopter. Powered by a seventy-horsepower engine and equipped with variable-pitch rotor blades, the craft moved straight up from the ground for thirty feet, circled the field, and then settled vertically to the ground. Small rotor blades mounted on the bare fuselage of the craft act as elevators and rudder. Sikorsky is shown at the controls of the helicopter in the photographs.

  1. Anonymous says: August 17, 200611:47 pm

    Of course, Sikorsky’s name is Igor, not Ivor.

  2. Orv says: October 23, 20078:58 pm

    Sikorksy would later use that machine to develop the main rotor/tail rotor configuration used by most helicopters today. It’s at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, now. The fuselage was later covered with linen (as was common for small aircraft at the time), but in early development he left it uncovered to make modifications easier.

  3. Jan Bout says: April 13, 20081:52 pm

    Hanna Reitsch flew a helicopter way back erlier than the Americans In Berlin, in the Deutschlandhalle February 1938 she flew INSIDE the hall

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