Heliport tops World’s Fair restaurant (Jan, 1964)

Heliport tops World’s Fair restaurant

Helicopters for visitors to the New York World’s Fair will land on and take oft from a foot heliport atop a two-level 1,000-seat restaurant and 400-seat cocktail lounge. The building, which covers the Port of New York Authority’s fair exhibit, is supported by columns at the four sides, two of them housing elevators.

  1. whoozle whaazle says: November 14, 201210:37 am

    So every time a helicopter landed, your table would shake and there would be a loud ‘whoop whoop whoop’ noise?

    How pleasant šŸ™

  2. Hirudinea says: November 14, 20123:19 pm

    @ whoozle whaazle – “Waiter, I didn’t order scrambled eggs!”, “Sorry sir, a helicopter landed while the chef was cooking them.”

  3. Rick Auricchio says: November 14, 20124:38 pm

    The restaurant is still there.


  4. Zeppflyer says: November 16, 20125:17 am

    So, it was as badly planned as everything else at that World’s Fair. (Which wasn’t even technically a World’s Fair since Robert Moses so insulted the governing body that they refused to endorse it.)

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