Helpful New Tools for the Household (Dec, 1932)

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Helpful New Tools for the Household

KEEPS EGGS FRESH. This circular container is for eggs or fruit kept in the refrigerator. Its flat sides will not break the skins or crack the shells. Open spaces afford free ventilation that tends to prevent spoiling of contents

FLOUR SIFTER. With the double action flour sifter, cut out view of which is given at left, flour can be sifted as frequently as desired without removing it from sifter. The sieve is in the middle and there is a lid on each end

CONTROLS THE HEAT. The valve shown above can be fitted to any steam radiator and when the dial is set, the desired temperature is automatically maintained. The new valve is installed by simply removing the old one, screwing the new one in place, and adjusting heat control dial

AQUARIUM IN TABLE. Designed to match sun room or porch furniture, the table at right, has a built-in aquarium with a reinforced rim around the top. The edge of the tank is bordered with a trough in which flowers and plants can be grown as decoration

TIMES YOUR COOKING. It is possible to set this electric timer for any period from one minute to two hours. A buzzer warns when time is up

THERMOSTAT ON THIS HEATER. The combination electric fan and heater, above, has an automatic control that can be set at any desired temperature and the heater will switch on and off to maintain that temperature

HOLDER FOR TOOTHPASTE TUBE. A tube of toothpaste or shaving cream, slipped inside this holder, is easily squeezed with a small lever which is effective until all contents are gone. A valve cap replaces the screw top, facilitating use of tube

JAR TOP REMOVER. Saw teeth on the jar opener, below, adapt the tool to fit a large number of different sized tops. The handle grip makes use of opener unusually easy

CLOTHES SPRINKLER. A rubber hose, having a bulb and nozzle, is a convenient sprinkler. Bulb automatically fills itself

ELECTRIC MIXER. The tiny motor that runs this mixer is in the lid. A switch near it starts and stops the agitator in bottom of mixer

FIVE KITCHEN UTENSILS IN ONE. Many different kitchen tasks can be performed with the device illustrated above. It rices potatoes, strains or mashes fruit, is a flour sifter or a colander

PERFUME BURNER. Into the container, right above, perfume is poured. Top is put on, upper left, and connection made to electric socket. Heat forces out perfume vapor

A DOUBLE SHAKER. Two containers are joined together as shown above. In use, ice is put in the ice cage seen at left and the beverage poured over it. Container is then shaken a moment and then ice cage is lifted out and placed in container with handle. In this way, the melting ice keeps contents cold with no chance to dilute them

AN AUTOMATIC RANGE. The electric range, left, developed by Westinghouse engineers, does automatically many things the housewife has hitherto had to do. In cooking a roast, it first sears the meat at high temperature and then lowers heat to complete cooking and then automatically shuts off the current when roast is done

IRONING MADE EASY. The ironer, illustrated in circle, is designed to iron eatery kind of clothing to the housewife’s satisfaction. It is operated by foot pedals so there is little danger of tearing the clothes or injuring the hands of the user

  1. Blurgle says: May 24, 200710:43 pm

    They still make the five-in-one tool on the second page. It’s perfect for making apple sauce, since it strains the cores, seeds, and skins out of the cooked mash (which a food processor won’t do) but has larger holes than a strainer (which means better texture).

    You can buy them at most kitchen supply stores. Williams-Sonoma has them too, at some ridiculous price.

  2. Caya says: May 25, 20076:11 am

    I rather like the ironing tool. Here we are, all back to wearing natural fibers, but all we have is an iron to get all those wrinkles out. They had electric irons too, but they had nifty gadgets like this, and big clothes presses too.

  3. Caya says: May 25, 20076:12 am

    I really love the aquarium table. I’d like one of those! It looks like a bit of a hassle to keep clean, I might redesign it a bit- but it’s still REALLY COOL.

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