Helping you see all the meat before you pay for it This is Monsanto today (Apr, 1967)

Helping you see all the meat before you pay for it This is Monsanto today

These days, when you buy pre-packaged meats, you won’t be blindfolded by the wrapping. Not with Monsanto’s see-through plastic meat trays. You see top, bottom and sides of your dinner-to-be, so there’s no unhappy surprise later on. It’s freezer-ready without re-wrapping, too. Now isn’t it a lot smarter to buy your meat that way? This is Monsanto—making today better than yesterday.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: November 7, 20119:10 am

    Gatherers at work. The hunters are out collecting more meat.

  2. Charlene says: November 7, 20119:10 am

    It might be smarter to buy meat that way, but it sure doesnt make sense to sell it that way.

  3. JMyint says: November 7, 20119:23 am

    Last year we moved for a new job and the thing I miss is there are no butcher shops around here. It was so convenient to go in and request five pork chops cut to 3/4 inch, three pounds of ground beef and two and half pounds of bacon. Now I am stuck with what ever size package of meat they think I will want, cut the way they want it cut. So this is progress?

  4. Hirudinea says: November 7, 201111:10 am

    Thanks to Monsanto genetic engineering today the meat wraps itself in plastic!

  5. Sean says: November 8, 20118:24 am

    Why, wrapping is only an intermediate step. Soon, all meat will *be* plastic!

  6. Toronto says: November 8, 20118:52 am

    JMyint: That’s one of the things I love about living here – butchers everywhere.

  7. Amy Pearson says: November 10, 20119:09 am

    If you’re truly interested in living organic you must learn more about genetically engineered food and GMOs in our food supply.

  8. Charlene says: November 10, 20119:23 am

    Or you could ignore the con-artist quacks and choose healthy, safe, conventional food instead.

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