Hen Changed to Rooster by Biologists (Feb, 1936)

Hen Changed to Rooster by Biologists

TURNING roosters into hens and vice versa is the newest miracle to be attempted by science. Working at the Biological Institute of the College of France a group of scientists are engaged in a series of amazing experiments on the hypophysis gland, a small gland situated at the base of the brain.

It is their belief that by transplanting this gland from the body of a rooster into the body of a hen a complete change of sex will be effected.

In early experiments conducted on various breeds of poultry French Biologists have succeeded in proving their contention.

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  1. Anne says: April 8, 20086:23 am

    I think that half the ‘scientific experiments’ out there are conducted by people whose only motivation is boredom, not scientific advancement.

    “Nothing to do today, hmm?”

    “Nope. But I do wish those darn roosters at the farm next door would stop crowing.”

    “Me too. Hey! What if they weren’t roosters?”

    “Hm? Oh! That’s a good idea! Turn them into hens…”

    And thus is born another (somewhat) useless experiment.

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