Here by your bedside, warm and glowing, is the Sun itself (Feb, 1929)

Here by your bedside, warm and glowing, is the Sun itself

Snap the switch and you have wrought a miracle. Out of winter’s darkness springs summer sunshine, glowing with all the warmth and vitality of June.

Only a lamp, you may say, but a lamp that is one of the triumphs of modern science, because it is in reality a miniature sun duplicating the essential rays which have made sunlight the source of life and energy for all mankind.

Turn on this light and expose your body to it. What is the result? First of all it will develop a healthy summer tan. But the real benefits are far deeper. The tide of health rises with the sun in summer, and the light of this Eveready Sunshine Lamp exercises a similar vitalizing influence that brings renewed strength and builds up resistance against illness. It is soothing to the nerves. It induces sound and restful sleep. It does for you what clear summer sunshine will do because it is exactly the same in all essentials. Reporting on tests of carbon arc light such as this, the U. S. Bureau of Standards said: “Of all the artificial illuminants tested, it is the nearest approach to sunlight.”

Not only does this light have all the vital rays of the sun (ultra-violet, infra-red and visible light rays), but it has them in the same proportion as natural sunlight, which scientists agree is a most important requirement.

Because it is simply sunlight, the Eveready Sunshine Lamp burning Eveready Sunshine Carbons may be used with beneficial results by anyone who is not actually ill. It is particularly valuable to growing children and to adults who wish to avoid physical depression. In case of illness your physician should be consulted before using any light treatment.

A very interesting booklet, “Making the Summer Sun Stand Still,” will be mailed free to anyone who is interested. Write to NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY, Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio Eveready Sunshine Lamp

  1. mike says: September 3, 20096:17 pm

    A lamp that converts hydrogen into helium!

    “NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY, Inc.” if only Eveready trademarked this name.

  2. carlm says: September 7, 20094:55 am

    Looks to me more like a carbon arc lamp. “Just like the sun” but safety goggles are included.
    $137.50 in 1929 is close to $3000 today. Just the thing to fight the depression that will come the following winter.

  3. carlm says: September 7, 20095:01 am

    National Carbon Co. was bought by Union Carbide which was bought by Dow. Eveready has remained as a trademark.

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