Here’s one thing a woman can do about TV repairs (Oct, 1955)


Here’s one thing a woman can do about TV repairs

Fine quality tubes are essential for the best and clearest TV pictures and sound. However, just as your electric light bulbs wear out… TV and Radio tubes gradually lose their strength and need to be replaced.

So here’s one way to be sure they are replaced with fine quality tubes. Just ask your serviceman for CBS tubes. There are no better tubes made… and CBS tubes have the Good Housekeeping Guaranty Seal.

Ask to see the cartons.

Whether it is a big picture tube, or the small tubes in your TV set Or Radio… be sure the replacement tube comes from a CBS carton with the Good Housekeeping Guaranty Seal.

CBS TUBES have this seal

CBS-HYTRON, Danvers, Massachusetts

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 3, 20111:34 pm

    Wait about 20 years and get a solid state set!

  2. Stephen Edwards says: January 3, 20112:23 pm

    Weren’t other things like capacitors more likely to fail? The “acting up” television looks like its vertical amplifier is generating almost precisely half its normal output.

  3. slim says: January 3, 20113:12 pm

    Tubes were far more likely to fail than capacitors. Some of the drug stores had tube testers for do-it-yourself repairmen. A tube diagram inside the cabinet showed you where to put them back.

  4. Ted Thompson says: January 3, 20118:12 pm

    Some of these old ads are sickening… Hell in 1955 she might have BUILT the damn thing…

  5. carlm says: January 4, 20111:59 am

    Tubes were more likely to go. Capacitors on those old sets were big aluminum “juice cans” and didn’t go bad usually. Maybe if the set is was 10 years old. Also, the picture looks more like a symptom of low voltage than that of a bad tube. Both the vertical and horizontal outputs look low. Two different circuits. I loved using those tube testers that were in every drug store and hardware store. “Awe gee that neon light shows me that my 5A87 tube is gassy”

  6. khazar-khum says: January 4, 20116:05 pm

    I have fond memories of going to Thrifty Drug with my Dad, waiting while he tried out the various tubes on the tester. Inevitably they were out of the one he needed.

  7. Firebrand38 says: January 4, 20116:41 pm

    I remember this machine as well http://www.retroaudiola…

  8. Michael, N5RLR says: January 4, 20119:01 pm

    Speaking of capacitors — legend has it that Sprague “Black Beauty” encapsulated capacitors were often prone to fail in tube-type electronics. Sometimes visibly so, in that they eventually gained the nickname, “Black Ugly.”

    Ah, yes…tube testers at the drugstore and even Radio Shack, back in the day. With the cynicism of hindsight, I can only wonder if some (if not all) of these were, ahem, “biased” to show a tube failure when it might not have been. In the interest of selling replacement tubes, of course.

  9. Stephen Edwards says: January 5, 20118:16 am

    @Ted That’s the whole point of these old ads. This one is so incredibly sexist it’s almost unbelievable.

    MM doesn’t usually go back far enough to find comparably racist ads. Here’s my favorite:


  10. Charlene says: January 12, 20112:43 pm

    I remember that one too, Firebrand38! I think it was right beside the buggy whip department.

  11. Firebrand38 says: January 12, 20112:59 pm

    Charlene: Go easy on that stuff! This was part of my childhood! Buggy whips? Yeah, right next to the lamp oil.

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