Here’s Real Farm Relief! (Oct, 1930)

It must be really hard for him to stand up.

Here’s Real Farm Relief!

THIS farm relief problem is like the weather; everybody talks about it and nobody does anything. But here’s a form of farm relief that Congress doesn’t have to settle . . . that you don’t have to wait years for. Over two million farmers have experienced it already.

It’s a relief from tired feet, aching arches . . . from hard, chafing shoes after cold wet feet. . . from expensive shoe bills. You’ll find this certain relief in Wolverine Shell Horsehide Work Shoes.

When you slip into your first pair of Wolverines, it’s like getting two pairs of shoes for the price of one. For they’re made of the world’s most durable leather—the only leather that contains a reinforcing shell — Shell Horsehide. Hence Wolverines wear months and months longer than ordinary work shoes.

And you’ll never know what true foot comfort means until you slip on your Wolverines the day after a hard, driving rain. For Wolverines dry out soft and pliable thru all weathers. You don’t scuff the tops. You don’t rip the seams. And as for resistance to barnyard acids, ordinary shoes don’t compare with them.

It doesn’t cost you a cent extra to prove these facts to your own satisfaction. Wolverines cost no more than any good work shoe. Your favorite style, be it ankle length, calf length or knee high, is waiting for you at your Wolverine dealer’s store. He’ll gladly tell you what your neighbors say about them. Call on him today.

Seven out of ten farmers are said to suffer from some form of foot trouble. If your feet ache after a hard day’s work—if you suffer constantly from bunions, corns and callouses—see if this Wolverine Flexible Sole Work Shoe doesn’t solve the problem. It bends like rubber—and it stays soft.

Tlie Only Hide with the Inner Shell Horsehide is the only hide that produces “shell leather.” This “shell” is found only in the one-sixth of the hide around the hips; and in one horsehide there is only enough “shell” to produce less than two pairs of work shoes. Be sure you’re getting genuine shell horsehide by asking for Wolverines, made by America’s largest horsehide tanners.


Wolverine Shoe &. Tanning Corp., Dept. B

DEALERS: We have an interesting plan for building up your work shoe department that is operating successfully for thousands of dealers all over the country. Write for full details without obligation.

  1. Charlene says: February 24, 20129:27 am

    This ad would have become cringeworthy a few years later, during the Dust Bowl.

    That said, I’m not sure how he sits down, never mind standing up.

  2. Kosher Ham says: February 24, 201212:06 pm

    My grandfather would have sold the farm earlier if he had known that he would make more money as a foreman in a factory. The factory work was easier than farming.

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