Here’s what a ROBOT “thinks” with! (Oct, 1939)

Here’s what a ROBOT “thinks” with!

WHEN you see a Robot obey its inventor’s commands to rise, walk, talk, sing, and smoke, you wonder what kind of imitation brain it has.

The New Merriam-Webster tells you that the Robot’s “gray matter” is made of Selenium, and its chemical relatives, which also make possible all the other modern marvels achieved with the photocell, or “electric eye.” And the same kind of information which ”The Supreme Authority” gives on Selenium is also furnished on the other 91 elements known to the world of chemistry!

For scientific information, turn first to the New Merriam-Webster!

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  1. jayessell says: June 1, 20086:20 am

    Why does a robot need a gas-mask?

  2. Anne says: June 1, 20088:01 am

    Maybe it’s demonstrating how to use it? I have no idea!

  3. Slim says: June 1, 200811:07 am

    Why does it need a nose?
    Anyway, I’m glad to finally see a clear explanation of how these things work.

  4. Benzene says: June 1, 200812:56 pm

    Robots need human shapes so that humans will like them, kind of like Kismet.

  5. Blurgle says: June 1, 20083:43 pm

    That must have been the only royalty-free photo of a robot they could find.

    What a strange ad for a dictionary!

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