He’s using the telephone that lends an extra hand (Dec, 1954)

He’s using the telephone that lends an extra hand

For people who want to keep both hands free when they telephone, Bell Telephone Laboratories engineers have devised a new telephone with a sensitive microphone in its base.

To use it, simply press a button. The microphone picks up your voice and sends it on its way. Your party’s voice comes to you through a small loudspeaker. Both hands are left free.

The volume can be adjusted to suit yourself. If privacy is needed, you simply lift the handset; this shuts off the microphone and loudspeaker and you talk just as you would on a regular telephone.

This new development of Bell Laboratories increases the number of ways your local Bell telephone company can serve in businesses and homes.

Bell Telephone Laboratories
Improving telephone service for America provides careers for creative men in scientific and technical fields.

  1. Michael Leddy says: March 14, 201112:51 pm

    Great ad! Up close, the pen looks like a Parker 51. What with his telephone and his writing instrument, this man’s got it going on.

  2. Casandro says: March 14, 20112:03 pm

    Hmm, that was back at the time when the line to the customer still was analog. This must have been extremely expensive. You literally had to run a pair of wires to every telephone. So a company had large numbers of wires coming into it. You could save a bit by having a switchboard, but that had to be manned as there was no way of signaling the extension. Dialing a number took ages, up to about 20 seconds!

    It’s hard to imagine telephony in the times before ISDN.

  3. Harry says: March 14, 20112:16 pm

    Yep, the corner office can’t be far away!

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