“Hey look, I just built a radio in 2 minutes!” (Nov, 1968)

“Hey look, I just built a radio in 2 minutes!”

With new Lectron transistorized magnetic blocks, it’s easy to put a solid-state radio together Then take apart and build an electronic organ in minutes, or a burglar alarm, automatic night light, rain indicator, Morse code transmitter, intercom and many more that really work. Simply match symbols on Lectron see-thru blocks with circuit diagrams in 68-page manual No wiring. No tools. No experience needed to have hours of fun while you learn electronics. Completely safe. Lectron sets begin under twelve dollars wherever fine toys are sold.

Lectron makes electronics child’s play

  1. Stephen Edwards says: April 15, 20081:45 pm

    Magnetic connections are a cute idea. I’ve never seen these; “Snap Circuits” are similar:


  2. Adam C. says: April 15, 20082:12 pm

    I had these in the late 60s early 70s! They were very cool and worked surprisingly well. Time to visit my mom’s basement where all my cool toys ended up after I left for college.

  3. Adam C. says: April 15, 20082:14 pm

    eBay to the rescue…


  4. 4th guy says: April 16, 20084:38 am

    Well, that certainly didn’t keep kids busy for long.

  5. Michael Patrick says: April 16, 20085:42 am

    I’m still waiting for the “Mr. Fusion” kit.

  6. Hal O'Brien says: February 24, 20094:36 pm

    Lectron are still being made, and the number of blocks have been expanded quite a bit (solar panels, etc.). The trick is, their website is in German. Not inexpensive, either — the starter set is priced at EUR175. No internally moving parts, though, and I remember them from the 1970s as being fairly well built, so they should last a long time.


    Here’s another write-up on a science education site, complete with sample schematics you can build.

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