“Hi there, Pimply Face!” (Oct, 1935)

It seems to me that this kid’s problem is that his friends are assholes. My guess is that even if his acne cleared up they’d just find something even nastier to call him rather than “handsome”. Pimply Face is pretty weak insult anyway.

“Hi there, Pimply Face!”

But soon … they changed this ugly nickname

Don’t let adolescent pimples brand YOU with a hated nickname!

Between the ages of 13 and 25, important glands develop. This causes disturbances throughout the body. Waste poisons get into the blood and irritate the skin, making it break out in pimples.

But you can clear these skin irritants out of your blood- with Fleischmann’s Yeast. Then the pimples disappear!
Eat 3 cakes a day, before meals, until your skin is entirely clear. Start today!

  1. Nick Moffitt says: September 11, 20075:19 am

    You know, quite possibly the saddest thing about these advertisements is that a simple google search for “acne yeast” will show you that yeast will only make the acne WORSE.

  2. Village Idiot says: September 11, 200712:33 pm

    As he looks over his shoulder, his expression seems to be something like this:

    Pimply face, huh? Just wait until tomorrow at school, I got something special planned that’s gonna shut ’em all up for good…

    Fortunately, Fleischmann’s intervened just in time, so Pimplyface and the kid who thought he looked handsome lived happily ever after.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: September 11, 20071:37 pm

    At least he dresses better than his so-called friends.

  4. Erika says: September 11, 20075:19 pm

    eeeeek. yeasty badness.

    I can only imagine what it smelled like when he started to sweat.

    I can understand the yeast/Vitamin B connection, but 3 cakes a day?! Nope, I don’t think that those pimples are going away any time soon…

  5. Blurgle says: September 11, 20075:54 pm

    Interestingly, from a teenager’s perspective (which I just asked for) the one with the acne is the most handsome by far. The actual word used was “hot”.

  6. Blurgle says: September 11, 20076:06 pm

    Oh this is rich.

    I just had to explain that the photo at the top was taken in 1935 at the very latest, which means the young man was probably born ca. 1920 and is now about 87 years old if he’s still with us. I got a big ol’ pout in return.

  7. Jim Dunn says: September 12, 20076:46 am

    “Pimply face, huh? Just wait until tomorrow at school, I got something special planned that’s gonna shut ‘em all up for good…”

    “Pimply face spoke in class today”

  8. bilbo says: December 13, 201011:58 pm

    Wouldn’t eating that much yeast make your stomach explode? Imagine eating yeast after eating or drinking any type of food or drink with sugar in it. Fermentation big time.

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