High Speed With Low Power Boat Has Pontoons for Hull (Dec, 1932)

High Speed With Low Power Boat Has Pontoons for Hull

A NEW JERSEY inventor has introduced a novel type boat with which he expects to attain highest speed with smallest output of power. Five double cone-shaped welded steel drums which may be seen in the photo above support the craft on the water. It is pushed along by a 65 horsepower airplane engine mounted on the steel framework above the after floats.

As the boat gathers speed the water catches in small depressions in the drums and causes them to rotate. By this rotation they decrease the resistance of the water to the boat as a whole, and thus attain high speed. The boat is steered by an ordinary under-water rudder.

  1. Myles says: May 13, 20089:06 am

    Totally tubular. I love the smell of direct exhaust fumes in the morning.

  2. joe kinnison says: May 13, 200812:21 pm

    So what happened?

  3. Myles says: May 14, 20089:01 am

    I don’t know what happened, but there is no reason why this wouldn’t work as designed. It is just impractical, dangerous and uncomfortable. What advantage does it have over an airboat with a pusher propeller (in a cage)?

  4. dave thurston says: February 14, 20096:01 pm

    Insane to think this would work, maybe in your bathtub, the best thing you could now is to fill it in with plywood and use it as amphibian pontoon .

  5. Julius says: May 26, 20097:29 pm

    I think you all who have commented are really stupid people.

  6. Don says: May 26, 20099:47 pm

    Julius, it takes one to know one!

    Oh. That was a really stupid thing to say.

  7. Paul Smith says: July 14, 20092:37 pm

    suspension would be an idea?

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