High Standards of Sauerkraut (Aug, 1930)

High Standards of Sauerkraut

What the Packers demand of their members:

PROOFS of the growing popularity of Sauerkraut, not only in America, but throughout the world, and of the recognition of its health giving and disease preventing qualities, pour in upon us daily at headquarters in Clyde, Ohio.”-— Roy Irons, Secretary-Treasurer, National Kraut Packers’ Association.

“Only a few years ago, as the winter months approached, it was our custom, to announce that the Sauerkraut season was coming and advise readers to lay in their supply of the wholesome, nutritive and economical food.

“But Sauerkraut is no longer an exclusive winter dish, delicious as it is in the cold months, and healthful as it is to those who eat it. It is now as popular in July as in December. In the summer just passed, Sauerkraut salads—also a delight in winter—-and Sauerkraut combinations—cooled or iced- were offered on countless bills of fare, and prepared in numerous homes throughout our land. Its lactic ferments, its mineral salts, its vitamins, are potent twelve months in the year.

“May I, in this first fall announcement, stress several things: The National Kraut Packers (whose names appear below) have spent large sums of money telling the people the truths about Sauerkraut. They have established a standard for Sauerkraut in conjunction with officials of the U. S. Government. They have adopted the Emblem published herewith, which they alone are licensed to use. They feel that it is in the consumer’s interest to watch for that Emblem when he buys. Emblem Sauerkraut always means Sauerkraut of First Quality—Sauerkraut in harmony with government requirements—Sauerkraut packed in sanitary plants in the most sanitary way.”


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  1. fred says: April 9, 20091:11 pm

    all I can say is I’m happy this article isn’t about fudge

  2. slim says: April 9, 200910:50 pm

    Who would have guessed there was a National Kraut Packers’ Association?
    I wonder if there was an organization for Pepper Picklers.

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