Hiker Tramps into Jungles on Trip around World (Mar, 1922)

Hiker Tramps into Jungles on Trip around World

AFTER tramping through South American jungles where he often was forced to travel from tree to tree above deep swamps, and to rely for food upon his skill with a bow and arrow, W. Kotal arrived recently on the Isthmus of Panama, completing the first quarter of his proposed walking trip around the world.

He started from Buenos Aires, Argentina, a year ago, and intends to walk northward to Alaska, then cross Siberia, Europe, and Africa. How long the trip will take, he does not venture to say.

Kotal often averages forty miles a day.

  1. Roflcopter says: March 20, 20085:03 am

    Uhm, looks rather like he stepped out of his bed a few seconds before the drawing was done ^^

  2. Bob says: March 20, 200810:15 am

    Must not of made it, could find no record anyway. Did find this

  3. Tim Giachetti says: March 20, 200811:43 am

    I honestly thought it was a woman looking at the picture.

  4. Charlie says: March 20, 200812:14 pm

    I thought the same thing.

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