Hindenburg Premiere (Jun, 1936)

Giant Zeppelin Offers Luxury in Air Travel

Pronounced airworthy in its first test flights, the 812-foot German dirigible, LZ-129, shortly will be placed in transatlantic service between Germany and the United States. The big zeppelin has a passenger capacity of forty, with all modern conveniences for travel. Finely appointed staterooms, a dining room and large promenade deck are among its features, introducing new luxury into air travel. The LZ-129, which will be named “The Hindenburg,” measures 135 feet from gondola to the top of the great bag and has a gas capacity of 6,609,000 cubic feet. It has a lifting power of 210 tons and a cruising speed of eighty miles per hour. A quantity of freight and mail will be carried in addition to the passengers and crew.

  1. jayessell says: March 18, 20087:41 am

    Unlike the Titanic, the Hindenburg had 10 or so successful
    transatlantic crossings before the ‘incident’.

    By the way, other than the backlight of my laptop,
    did that ‘cold cathode’ stuff ever work?

  2. Echo_Hotel says: March 18, 20089:31 am

    Other than as a light source (Nixie tubes, Neon signs, Laptop lights) cold cathode tubes never really took off.
    Poor Philo…

  3. Bob says: March 18, 20089:56 am

    If the USA had been willing to sell helium to Germany, they would not have been using hydrogen, and would not have had such a spectacular “incident”.

  4. Jackye Stephens says: March 18, 200812:02 pm

    The USA may not have sold Germany helium, but Rockefeller’s legacy helped fund Germany’s war efforts before and after WWII. I just love the Federal Reserve!!!

  5. Vozpit says: March 18, 20083:48 pm

    Oh my god, get out the way. It’s the worst catastrophe I’ve ever seen! Oh, the humanity!

  6. Marc says: March 19, 20081:30 pm

    Not sure if this is going to work (image)

    otherwise follow this link: http://braincast.nl/ext…

  7. Charlie says: March 19, 20082:46 pm

    Marc » That’s freaking hilarious.

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