“Hippo” Car Can Roll or Swim with Ten Passengers (Nov, 1938)

“Hippo” Car Can Roll or Swim with Ten Passengers

Bridges might save time, but they’re not necessary to the German army’s new amphibian automobile. Carrying as many as eight or ten men, it can drive right off the road and “swim” across a lake or river at twelve miles an hour. Top speed on the highway is seventy-two miles an hour. From the front the car resembles a hippopotamus.

  1. Caya says: June 14, 20076:43 pm

    It DOES look like a hippo.

  2. jayessell says: June 17, 20071:45 pm

    After the war… imported to the USA.



    In the 21st century…. Sportscar/speedboat!


    “What is this button for, Q?”
    “Don’t touch that!”

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