Hips rolled away in 20 minutes a day (Nov, 1934)

Hips rolled away in 20 minutes a day

Back come curves—graceful, womanly curves. Once more fashion recognizes a natural girlish, youthful figure as being more beautiful, more smart than all the artificial figures she tried to produce.

MOLD your body to alluring lines. Get rid of unnatural bulging hips—huge unlovely arms and thighs—lose that double chin—do all these easily.

In 20 minutes a day you can do all that an expensive masseuse could do for you in many weeks of hammering and pounding. Science has discovered a way—an almost magical method of taking off pounds where pounds SHOULD be lost. Fit your figure to the most modish gowns, become a “model” of loveliness and charm.

Figure More Important Than Weight! . .

The scales alone are no judge of body beauty. It’s your FIGURE that counts today. If you are tall you may weigh 160 pounds or more and still be in perfect trim but you MUST get rid of unsightly bulges.

The Hemp Body Molding Method is REAL FUN and GUARANTEES reduction where such reduction is most needed. It embodies ancient principles known to the Greeks hundreds of years ago. With new body beauty comes improved health and well being. Complete instructions for reducing both size and weight are included with Mr. Hemp’s Patented Miracle Reducer.

Everything is sent at our risk. If you do not take inches off the hips in 10 days, every penny you have paid us will be promptly refunded. No drugs—no diets— no back-breaking exercises— no confining rubber corsets — just a safe,, sane, scientific method.

Works Like Magic!

The Hemp Body Molding Method gets results almost immediately. Three or four pounds a week may be lost easily if you follow the simple instructions. Get thin right in your own home. Mold your body to grace and loveliness. You can do it without the use of drugs, diets or other unsafe or unreliable methods. Write quick for this special offer.

FREE TRIAL OFFER Let us send you without any obligation to buy. the complete Hemp Body Molding Method. Deposit only $4.75 with the postman, plus a few cents postage. upon delivery and if you are not more than satisfied, if you do not take inches off your hips or reduce where you wish, return it and every penny you have paid us will be returned to you immediately.

The Hemp Massager (included in this offer) is easy to use, the method is simple and results guaranteed!


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