“Hit-And-Run” Victim Devises Camera Trap For Motorist (Dec, 1936)

This is the first example I’ve seen of a red-light camera.

“Hit-And-Run” Victim Devises Camera Trap For Motorists

AN AUTO-FLASH device designed to snap photos of autos that run past red lights, into safety zones, and past stop streets, has been invented by William Running, a Detroit, Mich., electrician. A personal experience as a “hit-and-run” victim caused him to design the device.

For safety zones, the machine consists of a lighted sign set in the pavement which depresses when an auto passes over it. This actuates a camera set up on the curb so that it snaps a photo of the rear license plates of the offending auto.

At intersections and stop streets, a special trip set in the pavement actuates a camera when the offending car passes a red light, or stop sign, without stopping. Camera also records the time of violation so that the photographic record can be used as evidence in court.

  1. Mcubstead says: August 5, 201112:27 pm

    So this is the origin of the red light camera..????

  2. Stephen says: August 6, 20115:46 am

    Why is the woman posing in the middle of the road? Is she just decorative?

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