Hobbyist Strings Bottle Caps into Many Useful Articles (Dec, 1938)

That plane sure looks useful.

Hobbyist Strings Bottle Caps into Many Useful Articles
Out of the ash can comes the material for a Miami modelmaker. His hobby is fashioning household articles out of old bottle caps. Small tables, flower stands for the porch, and baskets are some of his creations, made by stringing the metal caps on old wire coat hangers. One of the largest articles built of this strange material was a model airplane requiring 2,200 bottle caps.

  1. fluffy says: January 29, 20089:54 am

    That little blurb in the corner is a bit odd. Were they simply musing about what would happen if the ice caps were to melt for some reason, without realizing that, oh crap, that might actually happen in the (relatively) near future?

  2. albear says: January 29, 200812:54 pm

    That just screams classy!

    Good Depression era decor there!

  3. Rick Auricchio says: January 29, 20085:08 pm

    Hobbyist? Naw, that guy just finished serving 8 to 20 in a medium-security prison. What else was he going to do there?

  4. Stannous says: January 30, 20088:52 pm

    I’m going to keep this to show my gf that some of the shit I’m saving is useful.

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