Holley Motor Bicycle (Apr, 1902)


You can save your breath and strength on uphill grades and go at a great rate of speed if you ride the well tested HOLLEY Motor Bicycle which carries an upright motor at the lowest and strongest part of the frame. Experts admit it to be the best machine on the market and it is really an indispensable one for all hilly localities. Best made in every detail.
HOLLEY MOTOR CO., Bradford, Pa.

  1. Toronto says: April 7, 20082:31 pm

    Having bicycled through Bradford (home of Zippo lighters) and on to Rew, PA, I can see why the hill climbing abilities were stressed. What ever happed to Holley Motor Co?

  2. Toronto says: April 7, 20082:34 pm

    Oh! I see they moved to Bowling Green and became Holley Performance Products, of carburator fame. Silly of me to miss that.

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