Hollywood’s New Game (Oct, 1930)

Hollywood’s New Game
BY WAY of seeking diversion during time out from the strenuous labor of making movies to entertain the nation, Hollywood stars have devised a unique game called “Roll-in-the-hole.” The ball is rolled up an inclined trough and into a large tub-like arrangement with holes in the side. The point is to spin the ball so that it rolls out the holes that count the most. At the left several well known stars are engaged in a game.

  1. Toronto says: April 12, 20115:59 pm

    Get the ball in the top hole and Orson Welles falls into the vat of bean dip.

  2. Charlene says: April 12, 20117:36 pm

    Oh, yes, the “strenuous labor” of a movie star. How I feel for them, having to make pretty faces for a camera for a whole five or ten minutes a week, and be paid only twenty or thirty times more per week than a firefighter or police officer is per year.

  3. Stephen says: April 13, 20117:57 am

    I can’t recognise any of the “well-known faces” myself.

  4. Jari says: April 13, 201110:26 am

    Charlene: Like Ron Ely perhaps? http://www.imdb.com/tit… (Actually he was a TV-tarzan)

  5. Anne says: May 8, 20119:56 pm

    If you haven’t been to a playground to see one, this is now a children’s game, slightly modified. Instead of rolling the ball up the ramps, you toss a soccer or similar ball up into the funnel located several feet off the ground. I had no idea it was invented in the 30’s.

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