Holy Taxidermy (Dec, 1935)

Big Fun – Big money

Learn to MOUNT Birds and Animals

Learn this WONDERFUL new, fascinating and PROFITABLE art at home by mail. This old famous school, with over 100,000 students GUARANTEES success. Thousands of Popular Mechanics readers have already enrolled. Mount and preserve GAME ANIMALS AND BIRDS like life. Mount common and domestic animals in highly amusing and human-like groups. The actual squirrels shown above, MOUNTED AND DRESSED up. cost but a few cents for materials, but sold for $40 for a window display. Rabbits, frogs, mice. cats, pigs, sparrows, pigeons—ALL can be mounted in funny and interesting groups, imitating human situations. Great fun, tremendously fascinating, extremely profitable.

Quickly Learned by Mail

Men, women, boys, all learn easily and quickly, at home BY MAIL, from our marvelously clear course of 40 lessons. Begin ACTUAL WORK with the first lesson. You become a TAXIDERMY ARTIST, well known and popular. You learn an art of vast interest, and one that will turn spare time to big profits.


Preserve your trophies. Save your fine specmens. Have your own MUSEUM, Also mount for others ana sell your spare specimens at fancy prices. Every SPORTSMAN and Nature Lover MUST know taxidermy, or lose half the pleasure and profits of the sport. Taxidermy is sweeping the country. INVESTIGATE! Send right NOW for our fine FREE BOOK.

Big Sparetime Profits

Do you want or need to earn more money? Investigate this rare opportunity. Many s:udents report earnings of $60 to $100 per month in spare time. Others go into business for themselves— Taxidermy, Tanning, and Making up Furs—establish profitable and permanent businesses. Remember we teach all these subjects in one course—TAXIDERMY, GENUINE KROME TANNING, MAKING UP TANNED FURS INTO GARMENTS. Here is a wonderful craft loaded with profits. Investigate!

48 pages, dozens of pictures or mounted game specimens, and full particulars about our lessons and how YOU can become an EXPERT TAXIDERMIST, at home in SPARE TIME. Send the COUPON RIGHT NOW-TODAY. State AGE.

Send Coupon Today!
4739 Elwood Building. Omaha, Nebraska

Gentlemen: Please send at once, your free 48 – page book on Taxidermy without any obligation on my part. Tell me how I can learn Scientific Taxidermy at home.

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  2. Lisa says: December 17, 20111:54 pm

    Hey, Charlie –
    You are a rude asshole selling shit food.
    Close down, lose weight, get an education
    then go f*** yourself.
    Love, Lisa

  3. Lisa says: December 17, 20111:59 pm

    I’m sorry Charlie, I meant to send that to Kenny, that fat piece of rude shit.

  4. Mike says: December 17, 20117:57 pm

    Wow, now that was interesting.

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