Home Conveniences THAT SAVE TIME (Apr, 1933)

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Home Conveniences THAT SAVE TIME

Pressing a button, set in the side of this bridge table, automatically opens all four of the legs at once.

ALL-METAL LAUNDRY CHUTE. A door in wall or floor of the bathroom opens to this laundry chute down which soiled clothes slide to a container in the basement. Photo at right shows arrangement of chute in the basement where clothes are removed.

PORTABLE POTATO BAKER. The kitchen utensil, right, is a portable electric baker in which apples or potatoes enough for two can be baked. It attaches to any light socket.

SHIELD FOR PARING KNIFE. This simple attachment fits any paring knife so potatoes are peeled quickly with no waste.

PILLOW FOR BATHTUB. Made of soft rubber, the bathtub pillow shown above is secured to tub by means of vacuum cups and makes a convenient rest for the head.

SPLITS YOUR WOOD. The wedge-shaped instrument, right, is placed beneath a piece of firewood and when a blow is hit with a hammer the wedge splits the wood.

BREAD KNIFE ALWAYS HANDY. Into a groove at the side of this breadboard, the knife fits snugly so it cannot be mislaid.

CLEANING FLUID IN HANDLE. This upholstery brush, left, has a hollow handle in which cleaning fluid can be placed and released for use by pressing a valve with the thumb. It is of non-corrosive metal and can be used in car or home.

NEW STYLE IN KITCHEN CABINET. Designed to harmonize with modern kitchen decorations, this cabinet has a sliding shelf in place of the usual set-back and so takes little room.

Two views below show a new automatic shoe shiner in use. All parts of the shoe are cleaned and polished by the changeable moving ribbon.

LAMP RUNS RADIO. The hours of the day are dialed on the shade of this lamp. When the pointer is set at any desired hour, and the lamp attached to the radio, it will turn on the set.

BROILING IN PAN. This double pan is made of aluminum and is designed for use as a broiler. It is said to eliminate the disadvantages of charring and burning grease.

The self-wringing mop, shown left and below, is equipped with a rubber pad that is easily attached or removed and can be used to remove spots and stains.

WATERPROOF HEATING PAD. Since this electric heating pad is waterproof, it can be washed with soap and water to insure cleanliness. It is made of wire, metal thermostats, and heat-resisting rubber. Notches in switch lever enable you to adjust it in the dark to any temperature you may desire.

NOZZLE STOPS SPLATTERING. Attached to the faucet in a kitchen sink, this nozzle, which has a mesh wire screen, keeps the water from splattering. When the central hole is closed, the water comes as a spray for rinsing dishes.

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  1. Stephen says: January 16, 20135:41 am

    One advantage of the self opening bridge table is that Harpo Marx cannot fold the legs back in as fast as you are unfolding them:

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