“Home James!” – Chimpanzee Acts as Owner’s Chauffeur (Sep, 1929)

Remember, if it’s in Modern Mechanix magazine, then it must be true!

“Home James!” – Chimpanzee Acts as Owner’s Chauffeur
STEP on it, I’m late for
dinner.” That’s what the owner of this car at left tells his pet chimpanzee, who can really drive the automobile in a capable style and understands directions perfectly. James, who was renamed to conform with the discovery of his driving ability, sits proudly in the seat and guides the car through traffic. He learned by watching his owner. One day he climbed
in the car and drove it off. Everyone expected to find it parked on a telephone post or in a ditch. However, the new driver pulled up in front of the home and stopped the car.

  1. aspiration. » Chimp Chauffeur. says: August 16, 20068:18 am

    […] From Sept 1929 issue of Modern Mechanix magazine, found at Positive Ape Index via Glyph Jockey […]

  2. Roger Knights says: January 11, 20082:09 pm

    Driving seems very unlikely. But there was a chimp in S. Africa who was kept at a small RR station and had been trained to throw a switch. He did this for many years. (I’ve read this in two or three places, so it must be true.)

  3. aztrozon says: January 27, 20083:34 pm

    If you have read it in more than one place it must be true? Not very high standards for judging the truth.

  4. aztrozon says: January 27, 20083:36 pm

    By the way if this story is true then it has very very serious implications. Stop killing the monkey!! In fact just stop killing!! By the way, eating chickens is killing.

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