“Home, James” by Tandem Bike (Dec, 1940)

“Home, James” by Tandem Bike
With gasoline impossible to obtain for use in private automobiles in Denmark, wealthy Danes hire chauffeurs to take them to and from work on tandem bicycles. Sue h cycle-chauffeurs do the steering and most of the pedaling. Since July, the number of bicycles in Copenhagen has jumped from 1,750,000 to 3,800,000.

  1. Cool guy says: August 16, 20066:15 pm

    From the looks of the passengers expression, I’d say the hired chauffeur just passed gas.

  2. rrrick.stumbleupon.com says: July 23, 200811:23 pm

    That’s like American lazy.

  3. Cycling Links for July 31 - 100 KM says: August 1, 20081:46 am

    […] “Home, James” by Tandem Bike […]

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