Home Made Streamliner (Sep, 1949)

This is a really cool looking car.

Home Made Streamliner
HERE’S a little workbench project you can try out some evening. But remember, the job (pictured above) took mechanical engineer Norman E. Timbs 2-1/2 years of sparetime work and cost him around $10,000.

The chassis is of tubular construction and the car itself is 17-1/2 feet long with a 117-inch wheelbase. It weighs 2300 pounds. The hydraulically raised rear deck (1) covers a Buick engine (just behind the driver’s seat), gas tank (between the wheels) and a spare tire and wheel. And the front hood (2) covers a luggage compartment.

Some pedestrians think the auto looks like a whale; others think it resembles a turtle. But, whale or turtle, all agree they’d like to own the “critter” themselves.

  1. Frederick Sawyer says: July 24, 200612:38 pm

    This car is being restored…. I grew up with Norman E. Timbs Jr. and was over at their house all the time. His dad, Norman E. Timbs (go figure), was pretty much the smartest guy I have ever known. The guy restoring the car has been in touch with the younger Norman Timbs and it should be back on the road soon if it is not already. As a kid, All I saw were the pictures of this car…it would be nice to see it in person.

  2. Tim Tracy says: July 19, 20081:36 am

    For 1949 this is pretty outstanding. This is several years before the first Porsche Spyder or Lister Chevrolet

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