Home on a Hemidemisemiquaver (Dec, 1942)

You know an ad is designed to appeal to geeks when it refers to a “fightin’ ham”. Not to mention people who know, or care, what a hemidemisemiquaver is.

Home on a Hemidemisemiquaver*

*Your quick interpretation —a 64th note, or for instance, a “dot” in Code ..

Wings shot-up… motor conking… radio half gone —yet a hemidemisemiquaver signal conies through to guide our fightin’ ham home.

Cinaudagraph Speaker Engineers are putting this kind of stamina performance into all parts and units for War. This typical Cinaudagraph Speakers’ perfection is born of the traditional American formula: gray matter—precision—and plenty of good old fashioned guts!

You’ll get all of the newly developed improvements in the Cinaudagraph Speakers you buy after we have won this War …
Incidentally, for Radio Experience, Join the Merchant Marine.
Cinaudagraph Speaker. Inc.
3911 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago
“No Finer Speaker Made in all the World”

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  1. qyooqy says: May 8, 201112:22 pm

    It’s fortunate that he heard a hemidemisemiquaver rather than a vierundsechzigstelnote.

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