Hoodlike Gas Mask Protects Babies (Aug, 1939)

Hoodlike Gas Mask Protects Babies

Three years of research have solved the grim problem of fitting babies with gas masks, according to the British designer of the model illustrated in use below. Rubberized gasproof fabric completely incloses an infant from the waist up in a capacious hood with a large cellulose acetate window. A hand bellows operated by the parent supplies pure filtered air for the baby to breathe.

  1. Nicholas says: January 16, 20087:40 pm

    The lack of protection for mom seems like an obvious defect.

    They needed a fourth year of research on this one.

  2. MaW says: January 20, 20082:56 am

    The mother would wear an ordinary adult gas mask. The least practical aspect is probably that she or someone has to pump continuously for the duration of the gas alert, lest the baby suffocate.

  3. Brad Socha says: February 5, 20087:41 pm

    Pity the poor child stuck in that contraption hasn’t got his/her “binky” ,having a hell of a time getting their thumb to were they can get to it & the “gas mask “smells like a musty old rain coat.

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