Hospital Has “Blood Bank” (Jun, 1938)

Hospital Has “Blood Bank”
A hospital in Los Angeles, California, is equipped with a specially designed refrigerator which serves as a “blood bank,” storing quantities of human blood for later use in cases requiring blood transfusions. The “blood bank” is expected to save more than $10,000 annually and eliminate delays in operations. The refrigerator is kept at a temperature of four degrees above freezing, an alarm being automatically sounded when the temperature varies. The blood is kept on hand not longer than two weeks, a fresh supply being secured at regular intervals.

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  1. NikFromNYC says: January 13, 200812:41 am

    From what I can ascertain from this site, EVERYTHING of our “modern age” was invented in the swinging 30s, BEFORE the so-called technological wonder of WWII. Wow. Not the refrigerator, or telegraph, or telephone, or phonograph, or the train, or antibiotics, or Relativity, or the discovery of the electron, or the airplane. That was all 1895–1912. But 1932 was just like 1992, when the computer became “real” and pocket music players appeared on the scene along with real answering machines, and crucially, digital watches, I mean CALCULATORS (to replace Rolex watches that had vernier scale SLIDE-RULES, and every factory had encyclopedias of Sine/Cosign/Arctangent Tables in bound books). So far, the stoplight trumps most of the other ’30’s inventions, but what about the tassled MINI skirt?!

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