Hot New Cars from Overseas (Mar, 1963)

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New and Hot from Overseas

Daimler with a fiber-glass body
Limousine comfort and high-speed motoring are combined in the Ogle SX.250. The occasional-four-seater body of fiber-glass is based on the Daimler SP.250 chassis and 152.5-inch, 140-hp. V-8. A four-speed manual or an automatic transmission is offered. All four wheels have disk brakes. It costs over $6,000 in England.

British Jensen uses American engine
The Jensen C-V8 is a genuine four-seater built exclusively for the U.S. Its 361-inch, 305-hp. Chrysler engine gives acceleration from 0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds and a top speed of 140 m.p.h. TorqueFlite automatic transmission or manual shift with overdrive is available. The body is fiberglass. All brakes are disk. Price is $9,800 in England.

Sports-utility wagon by Ghia
This practical sportster from Italy is built by Ghia over a Fiat 2300S coupe chassis. The five-seater combines sports-car performance with station-wagon luggage room. Swept tailgate can be secured in horizontal position. Rear seat folds forward. Twin-carburetored 139-inch engine puts out 150 hp. for 115-m.p.h. top speed.

Tiny Mistral packs big punch
The Mistral 1500 TS coupe, built in Germany by NSU-Neckar, is based on Fiat parts. Its 90-inch engine is beefed up with an aluminum head and twin-choke carb to deliver 94 hp. at 6,200 r.p.m. Acceleration to 100 m.p.h. is said to be brisk, and there are disk brakes on the front wheels to slow it down. The 14-foot body is Italian-styled.

Bentley sports convertible
The world’s costliest production sports car (tagged in England at $25,000) is the Bentley S3 Continental with convertible body by Park Ward. The Rolls-Royce chas-sis houses an aluminum V-8 mated to a four-speed automatic gearbox. Body is of steel and aluminum. Quad headlights give more light lan duals on earlier Bentleys. Power-operated top is standard.

First Israeli sports car
The unusually styled Sabra two-seater is assembled in Haifa, Israel, from parts shipped from England by Reliant Engineering. It is built on a box-section chassis with a reinforced fiber-glass body. A 90-hp. Ford Consul engine gives a claimed top speed of 110 m.p.h. Disk brakes are standard on front wheels. East Coast P.O.E. price is $2,995.

Lotus with English Ford parts
The Consul Classic-based Lotus Elan can be bought either assembled or in kit form. A Classic 91.5-inch engine with dual-over-head-camshaft head and four carburetors gives the 1,290-pound British flyweight a 100-hp. wallop. Chassis is of central backbone type. Headlights retract. The foam-filled resilient-plastic bumpers resist denting.

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    More pics and modern collectors cars:
    Daimler Ogle SX 250:
    Jensen CV 8…
    Mistral 1500 TS:…
    Bently S3 Continental:…
    Reliant/Autocars Sabra:
    Lotus Elan:…

    couldn’t find any of the Ghia Fiat wagon

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